The Moon was only the start, the AstroCats went higher!

Now lost on a journey through time and space, they need your help to get back to the blockchain! 

Adopt an AstroCat crew and help them on their return voyage.

AstroCats are a collection of 10,000 NFTs — unique digital collectibles descending on the Ethereum blockchain.









Let the game begin

How high will you fly?

With your crew of AstroCats, you can play a blockchain-based game where you try to achieve the highest altitude possible!

The altitude you achieve is tied to the token ID number, a combination of low, mid and high mint #s will be important for achieving the highest altitude!

This all takes place on the ethereum blockchain through our smart contract.

Technical Specs

Each AstroCat is unique and programmatically generated from over 100 possible traits. All cats are cool, but some are cooler than others.

AstroCat crews are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Each cat is a 1000px by 1000px png, displaying the cat and its rank.

Purchasing a crew of 5 AstroCats costs 0.05 ETH.

Traits & Attributes

Each AstroCat is made up of a varying number of traits. The total number of traits and the trait style determine the rarirty of each cat.


There are 18 different breeds of AstroCat. Some are happy, some are angry, others are just cool cats!


Some cats love to look cool all the time. If your AstroCat is rocking the shades you know he’s a cool cat.

Hats and Accessories

A few of the AstroCats might have magical powers. Some keep a pet mouse and others have a fish balloon.

Space Suits

There are 4 different space suit types; blue, white, red and multicoloured. Some are rarer than others.


Rarity is further determined by the collar colour. There are 10 collar styles in total. Some are solid colour, some gradients.


AstroCats fall into 4 differnet ranks – Commander, Pilot, Mission Specialist and Flight Engineers. 


We’re in this for the long haul.

It’s a long way back from space which has given us plenty of time to think about the next steps of our journey. As soon as we reach these milestones we will start working to realise each goal. 

2 ETH donation to
Estate purchased in SandBox for eventual big game
Blockchain altitude game goes online
All AstroCats are revealed

Meet the Crew

Every great project always has an amazing crew behind it.

Captain Kibble

The Captain of the crew is responsible for the smart contract creation and generative coding. Previous project successes include PixaWizards and Dopplers.

Prince Whiskers

Prince Whiskers steers the ship. A Neuroscientist by day, digital marketing extraordinaire in the NFT and crypto space by night.

Pete the Creator

Artist, illustrator, creative genius, call him what you like. Venturing between Ethereum and WAX, previous projects include the ImposterPunks, NFT-Rex and Skullz.

Questions & Answers

The drop will be on Thursday 9th September at 8pm EST.

You can buy a crew through our website (here), and also on OpenSea through the secondary market.

There are 5 cats in every crew. Sales are limited to a maximum of 10 crews per person.

Each crew is made up of 5 AstroCats with different ranks. The cats are programmatically generated from over 80 hand designed traits.

You sure can! There’s no limit to how big you can grow your crew. AstroCats can be bought and sold individually on OpenSea after the initial sale.

Some cats may look similar but no 2 cats will be identical.

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